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Czas dostawy brakujących produktów wynosi do 7 dni roboczych
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The world's first KNX connection (plug-in) for networking products from the Axis Communications company.

Combine the world of building automation (KNX) with the security technology of the Axis Communications company. Utilise the strengths of both worlds and integrate network cameras, door stations and network loudspeakers into the KNX – with no additional hardware! Simply plug our plug-in into the Axis IP product, configure it and Bob's your uncle!


Communication + Installation

The "ISE SMART APP KNX AXIS" plug-in is installed directly on a network device (e.g. network camera) based on an Axis ACAP (AXIS Camera Application Platform). After successful installation, the Axis network device is a KNX/IP device and communicates with the world of KNX via KNX/IP routing. The plug-in is configured on the network device (event system) and in the ETS. KNX installations are usually implemented with two wires (TP), meaning that a KNX/IP router has to be present in this installation (often already present in KNX visualisation systems) to enable communication between KNX/IP and KNX/TP.





  • Support of Axis network cameras

  • Support of Axis WLAN cameras*

  • Support of Axis D2050 -VE Network Radar Detector

  • Support of Axis door stations

  • Support of Axis network loudspeakers

  • 30 communication objects for sending from KNX to the Axis camera (1 bit)

  • 30 communication objects for sending from

  • the Axis camera to KNX (variable bit length)

  • Control of actions on the camera

  • Triggering of image, video and/or camera message sending

  • With PTZ cameras, predefined positions can be focused on

  • Camera settings (properties) can be read out and sent to the KNX

  • Sending of a message to the KNX with access to the camera's live stream

  • Monitoring of the camera itself, e.g. for overheating or breaking of the connection
    to the saving location for videos

  • Third-party applications can send values to the KNX

  • Simple integration into KNX
    (can be completely configured via ETS and the camera’s event system)


Technical data


KNX communication:KNX/IP (Routing), S-Mode



  • The plug-in can only be used on network devices fromAxis Communications with ACAP support

  • For ETS5 or higher

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