Touch_IT-V-L SAB   (110x80x8)

Touch_IT-V-L SAB (110x80x8)

Czas dostawy produktu od 3 do 7 dni roboczych
Cena: 2 087,40 PLN netto / 2 087,40 PLN brutto

Czas dostawy produktu od 3 do 7 dni roboczych
Gwarancja producenta: 2 lata

Touch_IT-V-L-SAB 3,5" Color-Touch-Display


Technical Data

  • 3.5" - TFT color display touchscreen 320x240 RGB ( 256K colors )
  • 200MHz 32-Bit ARM processor
  • MicroSD Slot ( for SD / SDHC )
  • Mini USB Port
  • Linux operating system



  • ETS-Programmable
  • additional parameter programming
    by USB (ETS plug-in)
  • 6 display pages, each up to 8 control elements
  • per control element up to 4 KNX objects
  • USB tool to personalize the controls, download the current display page, etc.



  • Switching and dimming of lighting
  • RGB control by direct color selection
  • Displaying switching status in the house
  • On and off various devices
  • Operation of blinds
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Alarm display of motion or switching states in plain text
  • Display and setting of the heating control
  • Volume setting in the Multiroom Systems
  • Quadruple controls for audio system
  • Setting and varying room temperature controller specifications
  • Display of outdoor and indoor temperature (with additional sensors)
  • Weekly timer
  • Astronomical clock for sunlight- run events
  • Data logging and diagrams as direct indicators
  • Generation of internal scenes with up to 32 messages of different length and adjustable delays.
  • Integration of complexes logic functions possible
  • Separate screen for alarm objects
  • Each page and each control element can be protected with password before access .
  • Various finishes, layouts and standby options selected on the unit
  • Different font sizes configurable
  • Custom adjustment is possible



  • Magnetic fixture with metal frame
    (included) for 60/68mm in-wall mounting
  • Suitable for Swiss systems (Feller)
  • Theft protection by hidden headless screw


Environmental Conditions

  • Storage: -5 .. +60 °C
  • Operating: -5 .. +55 °C
  • Humidity: max. 90% not condensing


Power Supply

  • Auxiliary Power: 9 .. 32 VDC
  • Consumption: Active 1.5 W
  • Standby < 0.5 W

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